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May 19. 2015 LAFAYETTE, LA
Lafayette’s parish council proposed a smoking ban that would include electronic cigarettes, and LAECR (Louisiana Association of Electronic Cigarette Retailers) was there to defend the rights of those who use, as well as those who sell electronic cigarettes.

The group, located largely in the New Orleans area, says that they are ready to defend the rights of electronic cigarette users across the state.

Two members of LAECR’s board, on short notice, traveled to Lafayette from New Orleans to argue that electronic cigarette use has no place in a smoking ban. “When you’re using an electronic vaping device, you’re not smoking a cigarette.” Chad Rogers, Treasurer of LAECR said at the council meeting.

“There are certainly countless studies on the detrimental effects of smoking. There are currently no studies, or no facts, on the detrimental effects of vaping. They are the greatest revelation of public health to this date,” said Rogers.

Anthony Kolesa, LAECR’s spokesperson said in a statement that the association would fully support smoking bans that did not include electronic cigarettes.

“We are an association of former smokers who have found a product that has changed our lives so drastically and that we’re so passionate about,” Kolesa says. “Most of us didn’t start out as businessmen, we’re in this business because, after years of being tied to cigarettes, we finally found something to free us from that burden.”

The FDA does not currently recognize electronic cigarettes as a smoking cessation device, but in independent studies, initial results are promising. According to Addiction Journal users of electronic cigarettes are “sixty percent more likely to more likely to report succeeding if they use e-cigarettes than if they use willpower alone or over-the-counter nicotine replacement therapies such as patches or gum, finds a large UCL survey of smokers in England.”

Kolesa says there is a phenomenon in electronic cigarette use wherein people accidentally quit using tobacco cigarettes.

“One of the reasons that we don’t want e-cigs included in smoking bans is that people sometimes start using these products because there are limitations on where they can smoke cigarettes. The person will pick up an electronic cigarette as a bridge, and then realize that they’re seeing improvements in how they feel and they seem to lose the taste for smoking.”

Kolesa also says that it’s important to note there is no smoke associated with electronic cigarettes.

“There are no studies, that I’m aware of, that show any ill-effects of secondhand electronic cigarette vapor. The studies that have come out implying that there are dangerous byproducts have failed to mention that the output is far below EPA standards for clean air.”
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If you’d like more information on this topic, please contact Anthony Kolesa at 504-638-5713 or email [email protected]

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