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May 21, 2015
Louisiana Association of Electronic Cigarette Retailers
Public Statement on Smoking Bans
We understand that electronic cigarettes are a relatively new product and that these products are sometimes misunderstood in their exact function. Fortunately studies are being done to prove that these products are tremendously different and that the health effects as compared to smoking are negligible.

To date, LAECR has opposed two smoking bans in the state of Louisiana. We would really rather support smoking bans. Unfortunately, these bans have included electronic cigarettes and we feel that a ban including vaping is a disservice to the public health. Without the inclusion of electronic cigarettes, LAECR would have fully supported New Orleans’ and Lafayette’s respective bans.

When vapor products are put into a smoking ban, it tells the public that smoking and vaping are the same thing. This couldn’t be further from the truth. If a business decides that it doesn’t want to allow vaping, the association would have no problem, but when a municipality does it, the perception of our products and their potential benefit is muddled.

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