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Heather Hutton is the owner and operator of Big Chief Vapor Products in St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana. She began her career in the financial sector, and has excelled in the realm of public relations and business development since 2001. This led to the opening of Big Chief Vapors in March of 2014, in the hopes of positively affecting the lives of St. Bernard residents. After being welcomed by residents and forging personal relationships with local lawmakers, Heather became a Founding Board Member of LAVA, the Louisiana Vaping Association, where she has held the title of Secretary of the Board since early 2015, and began actively lobbying to educate lawmakers and regulatory organizations about vapor products throughout the state of Louisiana.

Heather is extremely passionate about protecting the Vapor Industry and assuring that all Vapor Products remain easily accessible for all consumers that wish to use them to practice tobacco harm reduction. She is a member of CASAA and SFATA, and has spoken at several Town Hall and City Council Meetings throughout the state. She was also a key figure in either stopping or altering Vaping Bans in the cities of Lafayette and New Orleans, as well as lowering the Louisiana E­liquid Tax.

A member of the St. Bernard Chamber of Commerce since 2014, Heather has always worked to better the quality of life within the Parish of St. Bernard, and all of Louisiana. Being a member of the community development Old Arabi Association since 2014 has allowed her the opportunity to restore historic neighborhoods devastated by Hurricane Katrina. She has owned and operated 4 successful businesses, participated in and held various charitable events, and is the Mother of two loving boys. Now, Heather dedicates her time to leading the fight to protect Vapor Products in the state of Louisiana, working with local and state lawmakers to ensure the continued use and accessibility of all Vapor Products.

Brian Uzun



I started vaping 8 years ago after coughing up blood one morning from smoking. Since that day I have not smoked a cigarette thanks to vapor products. Vaping has changed my life as I never saw myself quitting smoking do to enjoying it which is exactly why I still continue to vape to this day. After seeing my life change thanks to vaping I reflected back on the days when I used to fuss at my own parents for smoking, and seeing as how I myself ended up a smoker I decided that my legacy in life was to help as many smokers as possible convert off of traditional cigarettes and move to vapor products.

  I was able to do this on my own just being an influence to surrounding friends and family members. For people beyond that immediate reach it was a tough one to attain. The most logical answer was to open my own store where it could be a safe haven for smokers to come in and learn about vaping and have the proper environment for them to feel comfortable while making a big life decision to finally put down the pack of cigarettes.

 Legacy Vapor Co. was born out of that vision, where someone can come in and comfortably make a life changing decision to start a legacy of their own. These people are why I am a part of this great association to help fight for their rights to have open access to vapor products.

Brian Uzun



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